Don’t Rain On My Parade

21 Nov

It’s cold, wet, and windy, and it seems everyone is fighting off a runny nose and cough. Here is a pick of my favourite winter essentials:

L719 Lulu Guinness Birdcage-2 Birdcage_CMYK_300dpi_cpAs this blog progresses, you may realise I have a strange love for ‘animal’ accessories/clothing/jewellery. This quirky Lulu Guiness birdcage umbrella £32 is bound to put a smile on someones face while it’s raining.


Okay, so this may have been from their A/W 2011 collection, but I couldn’t resist putting Burberrys’ rain cape in here. I find the bold black lines make this cape look rather Chanel-esque too, which is a plus.


I remember loving these from the first time I laid eyes on them- Hunter ‘Regent Apsley’ wellies £145. The quintessentially British look to these are perfect after this year of events, such as the Olympics and the Queens jubilee.

581500824_largeIt’s not often that I have a look at BHS’s website, but I found this cosy looking faux fur collared cardigan £35. I find that no matter what trend in in fashion during the winter months, a fur collared cardigan will always remain a classic.


A huge trend a the moment is coats with leather sleeves. I particularly like this River Island biker style coat with leather look sleeves £75.

4250002316If you’re after something warmer, this chevron fur coat from Warehouse £90 is one of the best looking faux fur coats I’ve seen on the High Street.


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