Victoria’s Secret Annual Show

15 Nov

It’s probably the only fashion show that men enjoy just as the ladies: the annual Victoria’s Secret show. The models gracing the catwalk in all their angelic finery included Lily Aldridge, the increasingly popular Cara Delevingne (I’m still not sure if I like or dislike her eyebrows yet?!), and a couple of my favourites, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel. British model Jourdan Dunn also made her VS debut, which is no mean feat for someone who was discovered whilst shopping in Primark.

VS Show victoria-secret-af_2392202a victoria-secret-AF_2392231a victoria-secret-g-_2392219a victoria-secret-ge_2392194a victoria-secret-ge_2392195a victoria-secret-ge_2392197a victoria-secret-ge_2392199a victoria-secret-ge_2392210a victoria-secret-ge_2392211a victoria-secret-re_2392193a victoria-secret-re_2392205a victoria-secret-re_2392207a victoria-secret-re_2392208a victorias-secret-g_2392246avs-reu-39_2392258a vs-reu-38_2392259a victorias-secret-r_2392245a

Although the whole event is rather cheesy on some level, one can’t ignore the amount of work that must go into these outfits. Ok, so they may be a bit OTT but I would love it if these were for actually for sale!

Photos: Telegraph


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